Guatemala Finca Linda Vista Greenhouse Dried Gesha

Medium Roast

We taste White Chocolate, Jasmine and Lemon Meringue Pie.

Treat yourself to a rare varietal from a unique terroir with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy an open cup structure and a seemingly never-ending spread of subtle flavors, this coffee is one you’ll want to sip on all day long.


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Best Guatemalan Coffee

Exploding in popularity in the first decade of the millennium, successful Gesha crops almost always came from Panama or Colombia. Many attempts to cultivate the rare varietal in other regions of the Americas have usually been less successful in fulfilling the expectations of coffee graders, exporters and specialty customers; however, if a sugary-sweet, floral-forward palate with lots of clarity and a well structured cup is what you’re looking for, this coffee has it! This exceptional coffee proves that Guatemala is a terroir capable of producing desirable Geshas of its own. This coffee is elegant, delicate and full of uniqueness. There’s lychee, mint tea, panela, and rose. A balanced but pronounced acidity and a white chocolatey base make for a smooth cup full of nuance. We especially enjoyed it in a flat bottom pour over like the Kalita Wave and the Stagg.

About the Producer

Guatemalan Gesha

El Pinal y Anexos is a family run farm started by Inmer Abel Valladares Rodríguez. He started it in 1998 after working as a consultant in the coffee industry for over 2 decades. The 48-hectare estate is divided into 4 different 12-hectare sections that each produce coffee as individual farms but process their coffee centrally. Finca Linda Vista is the sub-farm that produces this unique Gesha crop.

About the Process

best guatemalan coffee

Most importantly, they perform each step in the production process with great care. A team of experts that Inmer has close relationships with and trusts works the farm every harvest. Firstly, they pick this lot at the perfect ripeness. They monitor sugar content using a Brix meter to ensure that each coffee cherry is ready. Afterwards, they sort the coffee and it undergoes depulping and an overnight fermentation. Finally, although most of their coffee dries on patios, this special micro-lot dries on raised beds inside a greenhouse for 2 weeks. The greenhouse grants Inmer scrupulous control over the long final step that so acutely affects how the coffee tastes later on. All this effort pays off in the end and coffee from El Pinal y Anexos frequently scores highly in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence! It is the best Guatemalan coffee we’ve had.

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