Costa Rica Cordillera Del Fuego Termico Process

Medium Roast

Prickly Pear, Blood Orange, and Cinnamon

This Costa Rica coffee goes through an experimental heated fermentation that creates a spicy complex flavor.


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About the “Termico” Process

This Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee uses a new, experimental coffee process invented by don Luis Campos of Cordillera de Fuego. “Termico” is the name of the process. We’re so excited to offer it as a premium coffee option on our site! Once you taste it, you will know why.

They pick the cherries for anaerobic coffee processing at their ripest. This allows them to have a high sugar content. The sugars feed the fermentation process. All coffee beans are fermented and then dried before they can be sent to roast. They heat the semi-washed coffee with some of the coffee fruit left on the bean. Exposure to the heat starts to breakdown the natural sugars of the coffee cherries and that partially caramelizes them. This innovative process gives the coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor, as well as a round and balanced cup that Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is known for.

About the Coffee Farmer

Don Luis Campos purchased his farm in 1984 shortly after graduating from a university. Over the past 10 years, don Luis experimented with different coffee processing methods such as natural, honeys, thermic (termico), and anaerobic. In addition to quality innovation, in 2017 the farm and wet mill joined the national group NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions).

These projects help reach reductions in emissions of green house gases within the coffee sector. Installing solar panels is one of their biggest projects. Their main office now runs off of 100% solar energy. The solar panels also supply more than 50% of the energy for the wet mill. We are excited to collaborate with coffee producers that are focused on conservation as well as high quality.

The coffee is unlike other Costa Rica coffee because it has orange, cinnamon and bread flavors in the cup. This reminds us of orange icing on cinnamon rolls.

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