☕ Organic Rigby Espresso Blend


Vienna Roast

We tasted fresh berries, butterscotch, almond butter, and milk chocolate.

Blended for espresso, but a great dark roast option for any brew method.


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Our espresso is a combination of certified organic beans in our inventory (currently Ethiopian, Honduran, and Brazilian).
We have meticulously blended them for the creamiest and most complex extractions, and by mixing coffees that have been processed in different ways we accomplish a palate that celebrates the flavors of both the cherry and the coffee bean, elevating their unique differences while also harmonizing them. This combo takes us on an adventure that juxtaposes fruity sweetness and leguminous, buttery finishes. We hope you love it!!

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Whole Bean, Toddy/Press, Drip, Aeropress, Espresso