Colombia Cundinamarca Gesha Natural Process

Medium Roast

We taste Lilac, Guava, and Blueberry.

A perfectly processed natural grown by an award winning couple makes for a complex cup featuring flavors like delicate teas, fragrant flowers, and tropical fruits.


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Geisha Coffee

colombia gesha

About the Coffee Farmer

Agronomist Orlando Ospina specializes in non-traditional types of coffee processing. He works diligently with his partner Emilcen Sanchez towards family farm ownership. Since 2016 Lohas Beans has leased a farm to them and in 2019 assisted them in acquiring a home nearby. Certainly, Rigby Roastery owners Brigette and Naiman can relate to their dream. They exercise great fervor, warmth and zeal in their pursuit to produce the best Gesha coffee in Columbia. In 2017, they were participants in the Cup of Excellence. On their first year of production, in a highly competitive country like Colombia they achieved second place!

They export 98% of their production and only sell 2% domestically under the Café Lohas brand. Many top baristas select Orlando and Emilcen’s crops to compete in coffee championships around the world. We’re elated to share this special coffee with you. It is a propitious example of everything they have accomplished. They face a difficult path to success with confidence and are in great shape to continue to improve and strengthen their already exemplary gesha coffee project year after year. The proof is in the cup.

About Geisha Coffee

Geisha Coffee or Gesha Coffee?

It was 2004 when geisha/gesha varietals astonished the specialty coffee scene on the Best of Panama auction stage tricking some judges into thinking Ethiopian coffees had ended up on the cupping table somehow. The variety continues to break records at auction nearing four figure prices for a single pound! British colonials reference a “Geisha Mountain” in 1936 when cataloguing the region and the homonymic misnomer stuck. However, this is likely a misspelling of the Gesha region of Ethiopia—a term with no connection to Japan, fyi. It was most likely a romanization because the Kafa language of this region in Ethiopia is an oral language. That is to say, westerners probably used a spelling they already knew, “Geisha”, when it was first written down.

In conclusion, we refer to all coffees under the name Gesha no matter how it is labeled by the farm or broker.

For more natural process coffees check out the Ethiopia Daye Bensa Ashenafi Argaw Anaerobic Natural

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