Organic Rigby Espresso Blend

Vienna Roast

We tasted butterscotch, almond butter, and milk chocolate.

Blended for espresso, but a great dark roast option for any brew method.


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Our organic espresso beans are a combination of certified organic beans from celebrated origins. We have meticulously blended them for the creamiest and most complex extractions. We mix coffees that have been processed in different ways. By doing so we accomplish a palate that celebrates the flavors of both the cherry and the coffee bean. This blend elevates the unique differences of each bean while also harmonizing them.

Ethiopian beans that go through natural processing create a fruity, floral profile with fun wine-like acidity from longer fermentations. They make up a third of our blend. The rest of the blend is coffee beans from Honduras and Guatemala that go through washed processing add malic acids and nutty, leguminous notes.

We also fresh roast all of our coffee beans within 24 hours from the time you place the order. This guarantees a creamy rich crema and ensuring that each customer can rest the coffee to their preference. There are many different schools of preference when it comes to resting coffee beans before brewing them as espresso. We enjoy espresso beans the most when they are around three to seven days from being roast, but we have some customers who prefer them at 30 days from roast!

Blending organic espresso beans is an adventure in juxtaposing fruity sweetness and leguminous, buttery finishes, and we hope you love it!


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