☕ Organic Ethiopia Keffa, Girma Eshetu


12oz Bag

Medium Roast

We taste lavender, lilac, honey, and white peony tea.

This coffee is incredibly smooth. It is a perfect fit for all our favorite brew methods.

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Grower: Girma Eshetu

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: 74110, 74112

Elevation: 2000+ MASL

Organic Certified. Girma Eshetu Estate is located in Bita Genet District near the small village of Amecha-Mechata. The farm is named after the farmer, Mr. Girma Eshetu, who has over two decades of experience running his family farm.

Girma also loves to play guitar, and his smile is a reflection of the love and joy in this coffee.

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