Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Bags


10 servings in tea bags.

Tasting Notes:

Sweet pea flavor; earthiness similar to green tea but with sweet vegetal notes and a nutty counterbalance.

Blue Butterfly Pea Tea Bags

Blue Butterfly Pea Tea Bags
Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Bags are a uniquely colored deep blue tea that is well known for its relaxing qualities for centuries in Thailand. Even the sight of it is calming. Adding citrus to this tea changes its color to a delightful purple hue, making it all the more magical. Its flavor is very different from other teas, but our customers often compare it to green tea. More specifically, it is very similar to the taste of sweet sugar snap peas or edamame with a nutty aftertaste. We enjoy it best with whole milk and a little sugar. This flower is high in anthocyanin which has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. It is said to encourage memory and brain functions as well as trigger vivid dreams. Many people enjoy it after dinner or before bedtime. Sometimes used in shampoo and skin care products, this flower is a great natural food coloring. It is beautiful as a cocktail mixer, but this tea will dazzle your senses no matter how you serve it.

Butterfly Pea Flower

Water Temperature: 200°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 bag per 16 ounces
Steep Time: 5 minutes

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