Bellatrix Bakery Citrus Sprinkle Cookies


These Citrus Sprinkle Cookies taste as good as they look. Mandarin & lemon add a hint of flavor to toasty soft sugar cookies topped with rainbow sprinkles. Each pack comes with 6 cookies stacked.

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Citrus Sprinkle Cookies are fun, playful, and flavorful. Brigette designed this recipe with kids in mind, but they are also perfect for the young at heart. After baking countless rainbow sprinkle cookie recipes, she came up with this one on her own.

Citrus Sprinkle Cookies have a toasty, buttery sugar cookie base with a slight hint of mandarin and lemon for a flavor that tastes as fun as this cookie looks.

Brigette tops them with a small amount of rainbow sprinkles for a fun appearance that would jazz up any party, a rainy day, or even just an after dinner treat.

She uses Supernatural brand sprinkles, so they are free of artificial dyes or ingredients. She also rolls them in unbleached sugar for a touch of sparkle and a sweet flavor.

Brigette pulls them out of the oven at a precise time and cools them with care to ensure a soft, fluffy center and crispy edges to please any cookie lover.

These Citrus Sprinkle Cookies would pair great with any of the affordable coffees or teas we offer on this website. We offer K-Cups which are great for parents who need coffee in a fast convenient manner.

She uses high quality ingredients and puts lots of love and pride into her baking.

Brigette bakes each batch of cookies fresh to order and ships them out immediately. Each pack comes with 6 cookies stacked.

Bellatrix Bakery Citrus Sprinkle Cookies