Brazil Cerrado Coffee Mineiro


A heavy bodied coffee with notes of Peanut Butter, Mulberries, and Toffee.

*We recommend the medium roast for filter brewing, and the medium or dark roast for espresso depending on your personal preference, brew method, and equipment.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee

About the Producer

brazil cerrado coffee

This Brazil Cerrado coffee is by the Montanari family. They are originally from Italy. There are Montanaris cultivating coffee for four consecutive generations now. Joao Batista Montanari has been in the Cerrado Mineiro region for over thirty years.

In 2015, the family’s farm won the “Competitiveness Award” competition. Coffee is the family’s main occupation. His children are responsible for improvements in the coffee processing, but their main concern is the constant search for better quality.

Certainly, the Montanaris have achieved a clean coffee with a good body and a creamy mouthfeel. In conclusion, this coffee is well-balanced and leguminous with a pronounced sweetness and lots of chocolate undertones.

About the Region

Brazil is the largest country in South America. Above all, it has a lot of variety. Consequently, one can produce coffee anywhere from mountainous areas where hand-picking occurs to flat landmasses with high demand for crop production– meaning there’s always something happening here. Along with this vastness are regions with huge differences: some have farms producing only 30 bags per year while others produce tens or even thousands at once on flat land near coastal areas. The Cerrado Mineiro region alone covers 210,000 hectares of coffee farms!

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