Geisha Coffee Colombia El Diviso



We taste Grape, Key Lime Pie and Rose Hips.

This coffee is versatile and easy to brew with a uniquely rich body and lots of sweetness.

Colombia geisha coffee beans for sale. gesha coffee bean.

Complex and Delicious

Exploding in popularity in the first decade of the millennium, Colombia is considered one of the best terroirs for Geishas. Quality graders, exporters, and specialty customers searching for the finest coffee in the world agree.
That is to say, if a balanced palate with lots of clarity and a well structured brew is what you’re looking for, this bean has it! For instance, it has the subtle brightness from tanic acids that remind us of grapes and white wine while citric acids that mimic tangerines and key lime pie are also noticeably present.

However, there is plenty of gentle but sugary floral compliments such as rose and nasturtium to balance out that acidity. Spice, cocoa, and a little umami become more clear as the grind gets finer. A shortbread cookie and pie crust base makes for a smooth cup full of nuance.

We especially enjoyed it in a flat bottom pour over like the Kalita Wave. This coffee is elegant, delicate and fun to brew.

About Geisha Coffee

Perhaps you first heard about it at a coffee shop or expo. Maybe someone brought up Panama Geisha coffee beans. Inevitably how these expensive coffees did or did not live up to all the hype would come up. Coffee aficionados everywhere have plenty to say about it.

Any experienced coffee drinker or coffee lover will tell you that there is truth to the hype. They will also tell you that only well harvested, well roasted, and well brewed cups of coffee made with Geisha will be worth your time and money.

This arabica coffee varietal originated in Ethiopia’s Gori Gesha forest. The Geisha coffee bean is like no other. Expect flavors and aromas similar to the high end coffees of Ethiopia but also palates unique to the terroirs outside of Ethiopia where it is now commonly grown like Panama and Colombia.

One reason it is like no other is that it’s illegal to take native coffee varietals out of Ethiopia. It has only happened very rarely throughout history. However, after one of these rare happenings, gesha arrived at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica in the 1950s. Thereafter, it spread to other Central and South American countries.

About the Coffee Farmer



Initially, Néstor Lasso Zuñiga’s father purchased Finca El Diviso to operate a high volume, high mountain coffee farm. On the 40-acre farm in Pitalito, he grew conventional varietals and processed beans in a more commercial way.

Over the last 5 years, Néstor has utilized decades of his family’s agronomy experience to grow more specialty beans. In 2019, he took second place in the Master of Coffee Competition hosted by exporter Amativo. In 2020, Finca El Diviso came in third place amongst Colombians at Yara’s Champion of Coffee Competition.

Every year he is building out the processing infrastructure at the farm. The result is a high-quality micro-lot featuring the finest flavors the region of Huila has to offer.

About the Process

Geisha coffee beans drying in canopy covered raised beds

  • Firstly, this Colombia Geisha coffee is sorted before it rests and ferments with the cherry intact for a full day.
  • Secondly, they sort them again for defects and carefully transfer them into plastic bags for 24 more hours.
  • Thirdly, before washing, they use solar dryers to slowly dry the coffee cherries over the next 2 weeks.
  • Finally, the cherry is removed, the beans are rinsed, and they are dried in the sun for a few days before they prep them for packing and shipping to roasters all over the world.

About the Region

Huila, Columbia produces 200,000,000 kilos of beans annually. It is the top coffee producing department in Colombia with nearly 100,000 family farms covering over 350,000 acres of farmland. Since 2008, Huila has produced more coffee than traditional coffee growing regions Antioquia and the Central Valley. It is also one of the first regions to embrace the specialty market. Certainly, this Geisha is a testament to that history.

Colombia geisha coffee beans for sale. gesha coffee bean.

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