Ecuador Coffee Typica Mejorado


This combination of eccentric genetics and meticulous processing makes for an unforgettable and elegant cup of coffee. We taste orange sherbert, vanilla custard, & lime.

Ecuador coffee beans. Typica Mejorado. Coffee from Ecuador.

Typica Mejorado: Bright, Zesty, Fun

This washed process coffee has a wealth of creamy citrus flavor. The most prominent being orange. Both the flowers and the fruit. Meyer Lemon, pomelo, and a hint of lime are also present.  All are well balanced by black tea flavors in the profile. It’s exceptionally aromatic and lively in the cup.

There is a fantastic complexity to it. The volume of citrus and tropical flavors it has to offer is a signature profile for a washed mejorado coffee. Mellow floral tones like vanilla and citrus blossoms are underscored by a sugary sweetness and a chocolaty feel. While the cup is complex and full of depth there is a rich body with a silky feel to it that creates a lovely harmony.

There is a lingering aftertaste of icing sugar that melds with the wonderful body of the coffee. Galo Morales’ famous attention to detail pays off.

This Typica Mejorado coffee varietal is as close to verifiable as the rare genetics allow. Galo maintains distinct groves of mother trees on his farm to ensure genetic controls are met. Appearing in Ecuador in the early 2010’s, farmers pass seeds to each other colloquially with no known formal record of breeding practices or provenance.

The story goes that mejorado is an orphaned experiment born from the Nestlé lab that once existed in Pichincha. Hallmark characteristics of Typica Mejorado include velvety, clear, and present cups with prominent citrus and floral flavors. It’s notoriously creamy. Indeed, this coffee exhibits a nearly perfect structure for this palate. The notes are distinct.

This coffee can be dialed in for different palates on different brewers. We absolutely love it on espresso. It is a fun bean for an adventurous coffee drinker to tinker with. Conical pour-over brews were vibrant and acidic. Bright and silky. But our favorite brews where flat-bottomed filters with a moderate grind and a lower coffee to water ratio. These brews specifically offer a rounder cup and more pronounced mouthfeel.

Espresso brews taste like marmalade and vanilla custard with a rich olive oil texture, and expensive chocolate bottom. Cold drip brews were like fresh orange juice, complex, and heavy on the tongue.

In conclusion, this traditional washed process coffee is crisp and versatile. Brew it any way you like. Regardless how you do, it’s an absolute snack.

Galo Morales and Finca Cruz Loma

His ability to experiment with coffee to create reliable and replicable quality year after year is masterful. We’re excited to have his popular coffee on the menu. We’ve been brewing it in the Kalita wave non-stop!

Typica Mejorado is becoming more rare due to the fact that it is a low-yielding varietal and sensitive.

Cultivating a number of rare varietals that require more labor and mastering experimental processing techniques can be tedious but each micro-lot from this farm gets better and better each season. It is at the very least an uncommon thing. Even for some of the best farms in the world right now. Galo Morales has worked diligently to ensure this is the case.

Ecuador Coffee

Coffee beans from Ecuador demand a premium. The country has used the U.S. dollar for its official currency since 2000. In turn, this drives up the cost of labor. However, we see this as a positive. It means that farmers are being paid much higher than fair trade minimums for their goods.

Mostly the U.S. imports bananas, sea food, and cut flowers from Ecuador. When farmers decide to grow coffee here, it’s because it’s going to be a high-quality crop worth paying a high price for.

Ecuador literally means “equator” in Spanish. It’s geography includes the Galapagos Islands. It is one of the most megadiverse countries in the planet. It has the most biodiversity per square mile out of all the countries in the world!

Coffee from this country is special. The terroir features many active volcanoes. Although they are mostly in the north. High elevations, cloud forests, biodiversity, and its location on the equator are the perfect recipe for some of the best coffees you can buy.

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