Bellatrix Bakery Lemon Lavender Cookies


Lemon Lavender Cookies are made fresh to order with quality ingredients. They are complex yet familiar in flavor with a fluffy center and crisp edges. Each pack comes with 6 cookies stacked.

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Lemon Lavender Cookies

Bellatrix Bakery Lemon Lavender Cookies are delicate and light with a complex but familiar flavor profile.

The lemon in this cookie gives it a punch of enlivening zippiness while the real lavender flowers add a note calm but curious to keep your taste buds interested and longing for more. Their aroma is engaging like a loving hug.

Brigette rolls them in unbleached sugar for an extra sparkle. She tops them with a few real lavender buds making them as pretty as they taste.

They have a fluffy center and a toasty, crisp edge. Brigette pulls them out of the oven at a very precise time to ensure the perfect texture.

These Lemon Lavender Cookies would pair great with any of the teas or coffees we offer on this website. I recommend the Butterfly Pea Flower, as this cookie would be a lovely afternoon snack.

She uses high quality ingredients and puts lots of love and pride into her baking.

Brigette bakes each batch of cookies fresh to order and ships them out immediately. Each pack comes with 6 cookies stacked.

Lemon Lavender Cookies