Panama Boquete Sonia Amoruso Raised Bed Gesha


We taste White Tea, Raspberry Coulis, Quince, and Bergamot.

Treat yourself to a rare varietal from an award winning terroir with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy a balanced cup and a seemingly never-ending spread of hallmark Gesha complexity and florality.

Panama Geisha Coffee buy. Where can I buy Geisha Coffee?

Panama Gesha Coffee

About the Producer

Panama Geisha Coffee buy. Where can I buy Geisha Coffee?

This Producer has a long running and prolific heritage in the region. Finca Lerida is a coffee farm on more than 350 hectares of lush volcanic soil in the massively biodiverse Boquete region of Panama. In addition, the active Baru stratovolcano towering above the farm is the highest peak in Panama and home to over 550 species of birds. 100 years ago, a lead engineer of the Panama Canal, Tollef Bache Monniche, purchased the farm. He was from Norway, but this farm became his home for most of his life. Utilizing his engineering background, Tollef invented a siphon that separates dense, ripe coffee cherries from lighter ones of lesser quality. He was an infamous naturalist. Moniche’s collection of wild fowel from the region currently belongs to Chicago’s Museum of Natural History.

In 1956, the owners retired. Consequently they sold the farm to the Collins family who have also since retired. Running Finca Lerida which includes a landmark hotel as well as the fruit and coffee farm, is very hard work. In 2009, Sonia Amoruso purchased the centuries-old farm.

Like Rigby Roastery, this is a family business. She also works with 30 year-round employees and 60 experts that focus on cherry-picking during the harvest season. Sonia provides housing and schools for her employees and their families.

About the Process

Certainly, this coffee is a refreshing break from the kaleidoscope of processing methods that might overwhelm the beauty of a masterfully grown crop.

They prepare this Panama Gesha coffee nano-lot via a traditional washing process. Most importantly, they perform each step in the production process with great care. A team of experts that the farmer has close relationships with works the farm every harvest. Firstly, they pick this lot at the perfect ripeness. They monitor sugar content using a Brix meter to ensure that each coffee cherry is ready. Afterwards, they sort the coffee using a 100-year-old siphon system invented by the original owner of the farm. Thirdly, it undergoes depulping and an overnight fermentation. Lastly, the coffee is carefully dried on covered patios and raised beds. They exercise fine controls over the long final step. All of this acutely affects how the coffee tastes later on.

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Firstly, Panama Geisha Coffee.

Secondly, Panama Geisha Coffee