Wush Wush Coffee Fazenda Um


We taste Raspberry, Honey, Black Tea, and Cucumber Water.

Expect delicate flavors accompanying a rich body and a silky feel.

Wush wush coffee beans. Boram Um coffee.

Wush Wush coffee from Brazil!

Rare, low-yield coffee varieties like Wush Wush are almost unheard of in Brazil. Originally from Ethiopia, this is an heirloom varietal named for a small area in the Southwest near Sidamo and Jimma.

Wush Wush is most notable perhaps for the tea produced there in the fertile highlands. Coffee from Wush Wush arrived in South America 35 years ago following the popularity of other Ethiopian genetics like Gesha; however, in South America it is almost entirely grown in Colombia.

Seed origin, terroir, nutrition and climate can have a strong affect on the morphology of this varietal so it is very different from the Wush Wush of Ethiopia and Columbia.

This coffee is clean and straightforward while also rich and creamy in texture. Delicate berry notes are floating above a nutty bottom that carries the cup from its spacey fruitiness to its citrus acidity and a tea like earthiness.

It’s sweet and approachable. We are in love with dark roast as a single origin espresso or on pour-over. It’s a nostalgic cup that we brew using the “osmatic flow” method that Cafec popularized.

Lighter roasts present raspberry tartness and pleasantly sweet vegetal notes like yerba matte and cucumber. The medium roast is fun in a flat bottom brewer like the Kalita Wave. Our goal is a fuller berry flavor profile alongside subtle hints of confections like almond cookies and white chocolate truffle.

Fazenda Um is a diamond in the rough. They are harvesting rare varietals in Brazil like never before. This includes the Pink Bourbon coffee from the World Barista Championship routine that Boram Um won with in 2023.

He is the first ever World Barista Champion to win with coffee from his own family farm. And he is the first ever champion from Brazil! The farm produces other rare varietals as well including Catucai, Catuai, Arara, Paraiso, SL28, and Catimor.

About the Producer – Fazenda Um

Non-traditional coffee farmers came to found Fazenda Um in 2009. Stefano Um, built it from an abandoned farm South of Minas Gerais. He is the son of South Korean immigrants in Brazil. He moved to Brazil from the Korean country side with his family when he was 12 years old. It wasn’t until Stefano Began considering his retirement that he began to become involved in coffee agriculture.

On the 300 hectare farm he found reflections of his childhood spent in the rice fields of South Korea that inspired him. His desire to return to the countryside to retire planted the seed that would grow into one of the most awarded and unique coffee farms in all of Brazil. It is a monumental accomplishment in a country that produces the largest quantity of arabica coffee on the planet!

Wush wush coffee beans. Boram Um coffee.

It didn’t take long from his humble beginnings for Stefano to impress his first clients in Asia. He new immediately there was a potential for specialty coffee production in Brazil that had not been unlocked until now. High quality and traceability have built the foundation for this truly one-of-a-kind producer.

Wush wush coffee variety. Boram Um coffee.

Boram Um's milk portion of his routine to win the WBC in 2023 featured Pink Bourbon coffee from his family farm.

About the processing of this Wush Wush coffee

Wush wush coffee beans. Boram Um coffee.

    • Firstly, farmers pick cherries for this coffee at their ripest possible point. Likewise, this guarantees they have a high sugar content. The sugars feed the fermentation process.
    • Secondly, they dry the cherries with controlled processing and drying on raised bed structures with 50% shade for 20 days.
    • Lastly,  the cherries spend 5 days on enclosed patios for the final faze of the drying process.

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