Ashenafi Argaw Ethiopia Anaerobic



We taste Strawberry Shortcake, Grilled Pineapple and Sangria.

This is a coffee bursting with flavor. Fruits and spices are the stars of the show and it is unforgettable no matter how you brew it.

best ethiopian coffee

About the Producer

best ethiopian coffee

This coffee lot comes from cherries that 1500 farmers across the Bombe, Hamasho, and Shantawene communities in central Bensa cultivate. This region is called Sidama. Ashenafi Argaw produces this coffee via his private export business, Ardent Coffee. He is a former director of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). His history with SCFCU grants him the ability to lease time at processing sites within the SCFCU’s Bensa cooperative for processing experimental micro-lots like this one.

Anaerobic Natural Processing

Holy cow. This distinctive coffee undergoes natural processing following an expertly calibrated anaerobic maceration. The cherries ripen to perfection on the tree for as long as farmers can allow. This is a premium late-harvest crop. 8 hours or less after picking the cherry, farmers deliver them to Ashenafi Argaw.

  • Firstly, he inspects them, floats them in water to remove any beans lacking density and then drains and scrupulously collects the most faultless cherries for processing.
  • Secondly, they place the cherries in covered tanks that provide a low oxygen “anaerobic” environment for 48 hours.
  • Thirdly, the coffee goes through traditional natural processing. They shade dry it on raised beds for the first 48 hours to dry the cherry skin. Afterwards, they place the cherries in shallow piles together on drying beds. Ashenafi assigns a full-time manager to each individual drying bed. The manager then oversees their bed’s cherry rotation and and the last phase of the drying process.
  • Finally, the coffee is rested for 5 weeks in GrainPro bags before dry milling to intensify flavor and balance moisture content.

This is easily one of the best natural process Ethiopian coffees we’ve had this year. Do yourself a favor and get some before its all gone.

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Best Ethiopian Coffee

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