Ugandan Coffee Rwenzori Natural


We taste Blackberry, Almond Butter, Caramel, and Merlot. This coffee has lots of fun & sweet, fruit-forward notes to offer. It is a rich, syrupy pour over brew. We also enjoy it as a winey, bold espresso.

Ugandan Coffee. Best Uganda Coffee. Uganda Coffee. Natural process coffee.

Ugandan Coffee at it’s Best

Ugandan Coffee veined monitored for quality.

This coffee is sweet and fruit forward. Plum, merlot, and dried berries are harmoniously in contrast with black tea and hints of spice. It is a masterfully picked, cleaned, and processed example of what this combination of unique terroir, hard work, and refined skill can create in the cup.

Best Uganda Coffee grown on a mountainside.

About Ugandan Coffee

Ugandan Coffee. Best Uganda Coffee. Uganda Coffee.

Known as the mountains of the moon, this unique terroir is comprised of glacier capped peaks melting into fertile river valleys. It’s located between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Growing under the shade of banana trees, coffee trees thrive in the nutrient rich soil of the high-altitude terrain.

Dry process Uganda Aribica or “drugar” is experiencing a renaissance in quality in this mellinium. As receiving partners of our broker Volcafe establish state of the art wet mills, they transport cherries under careful supervision and quality control. They pay double the typical rate to ensure the needs of the farmers are met.

Natural process coffee growing on the tree.

Natural Process Coffee

Ugandan Coffee. Best Uganda Coffee. Uganda Coffee.

This coffee dries on raised beds to produce a high quality environment for fermentation that is balanced and rich in oxygen. Farmers freshly pick the coffee cherry and send it to recieved stations. It’s then transported to the wet mill where they wash it. The low density beans channel away for lower grade lots as this first washing takes place.

Farmers clean the high grade coffees like this lot and place it on the raised beds. It dries there for 3 to 4 weeks. They meticulously hand-turn and pick over the coffee to prevent and remove any defects. Finally, they mill the dried cherries. The beautiful natural processed coffee beans undergo one last sorting to ensure the highest quality possible.

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Ugandan Coffee. Best Uganda Coffee. Uganda Coffee. Natural process coffee.

  • Firstly, Getachew’s team inspects them and floats them in water to remove any beans lacking density. They then drain and scrupulously collect the most faultless cherries for processing.
  • Secondly, they place the cherries in covered tanks that provide a low oxygen “anaerobic” environment for 72 hours.
  • Thirdly, the coffee goes through traditional natural processing. They shade dry it on raised beds for 15-20 days.