Ethiopian Coffee Decaf Kossa Geshe


We taste Cherry, Milk Chocolate, and Grape. This decaf is a joy to brew and has lots of fun fruit notes, delicate florals, and sweetness.

*We recommend the light roast for filter brewing, and the medium or dark roast for espresso depending on your personal preference, brew method, and equipment.

Kossa Geshe

Mr. Abdulwahid Sherif started running the Kossa Geshe farm in 2016. This farm is part of 1,000 hectare land that was granted to the Nigusse Lemma family in 2009 by the Ethiopian government to safeguard some of the last remaining dense forest in the country. Abdul has made many improvements to the farm. After he took over, they won a Good Food Award. This is a rare achievement outside of the United States, but can be awarded on rare occasions to food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients to U.S. companies.

Good Food Awards

The criteria for the Good Food Awards varies by industry says that entries must be made without genetically modified ingredients, using good animal husbandry, “without the use of artificial ingredients, hormones, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer,” and crafted in the USA.