Ethiopian Coffee Organic Banko Chelchele


We taste Blackberry, Orange Blossom, and Breakfast Tea. This coffee has lots of fun sweet, fruity notes to offer and really sparkles as a light roasted pour over brew. We also enjoy the medium roast as a floral, peachy espresso.

*We recommend the light roast for filter brewing, and the medium or dark roast for espresso depending on your personal preference, brew method, and equipment.

Ethiopian coffee is the best. Natural Ethiopian coffee. Single origin Ethiopia coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee is the Best

This coffee is rich, sweet, and fruity. Stewed peaches, black tea, and berry compote are in contrast with flashes of flowers, whisps of lilac and citrus blossom. It is a masterfully picked, cleaned, and processed example of what this combination of unique terroir, tradition, and refined skill can create in the cup. In many people’s opinion, Ethiopian is the best coffee in the world for this profile.

About the Poducer

Ethiopian coffee is the best. Natural Ethiopian coffee. Single origin Ethiopia coffee.

Founder of METAD Agricultural Development PLC (METAD)

single origin ethiopia coffee producers

This is a traditional natural (dry) process coffee from southern Ethiopia that small family farms grow. These farmers organize around the METAD Hambela coffee estate in the Banko Chelchele community. This land was an award to the first African female pilot, Muluemebet Emiru, by the Ethiopian Emperor after the second world war to cultivate as she saw fit with her family.

Bridging the Guji and Sidama zones, it has become the Hambela Coffee Estate.

We are proud to purchase from an estate that maintains an out-grower program that shares modern farming equipment and technical assistance with its community. Through METAD certification programs, farmers can be paid premiums for their cherries and additional payments when their coffee is sold. Over 5000 farmers participate.

METAD operates the original and sole SCAA certified QC lab on the African continent that is used to train professionals from all over the globe. They employ a workforce that is more than 70% women, and they offer many opportunities to their community:

  • Scholarships to university
  • Sponsorships for state-of-the-art elementary schools
  • Employee Healthcare including Cervical Cancer Screening Programs for women in coffee via a partnership with Grounds for Health
  • Constructing roads and community centers paid for with quality and certification premiums

Natural Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is the best. Natural Ethiopian coffee. Single origin Ethiopia coffee.

This coffee dries on raised beds to produce a high quality environment for fermentation that is balanced and rich in oxygen. Farmers freshly pick the coffee cherry and wash it. The low density beans channel away for lower grade lots as this first washing takes place.

Farmers clean the high grade coffees like this Grade 1 lot and place it on the raised beds. It dries there for 2 to 3 weeks. They meticulously hand-turn and pick over the coffee to prevent and remove any defects. Finally, they mill the dried cherries. The beautiful natural processed coffee beans undergo one last sorting to ensure the highest quality possible.

Ethiopian Coffee is the Best. Flowers on the coffee plant.

Natural Ethiopian Coffee being grown

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