Organic China Breakfast Tea Bags


10 servings in tea bags.

Tasting Notes:

Solid quality black tea flavor with the low acidity of a breakfast blend with the faintest tinge of cinnamon and caramel

Organic Breakfast Tea

Organic Breakfast Tea-China Breakfast
Organic Breakfast Tea-China Breakfast

Organic Breakfast Tea is a staple that should be in any tea drinker’s collection. Mellow but rich bodied, its flavor is familiar but of a higher standard. This is not your grocery store tea. With its lovely reddish hue, it is a crowd pleaser, especially hot with honey in the winter or cold brewed in the summer. This black tea’s caffeine content is equivalent to a standard cup of coffee. Also known as “Dian Shang,” it is grown in Yunnan at the Wa Shan Ecological Tea Garden in a forested area 1,600 to 1,800 meters in elevation in China. The farmers here cultivate this tea naturally without pesticides or fertilizers, so the process is slow. It allows the tea to develop a high concentration of minerals and poly phenols integral to its special flavor. This tea is delightfully mild compared to English Breakfast Tea with an invigorating red hue after brewing. It is great with milk and the sweetener of your choice or just as is. To the avid tea drinker, it is the perfect start to your day.

Water Temperature: 200°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 bag per 16 ounces
Steep Time: 4 minutes

Each of our packs is bagged up when you order it to ensure quality and freshness. We pack our tea bags more full than most giving you a more flavorful experience.

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