Organic Tea Care Package


10 bags each of 3 types of our famous teas festively packaged and speedily delivered.

This box contains:
-10 Bags of Organic China Breakfast Tea
-10 Bags of Organic Fair Trade Jasmine Green Tea
-10 Bags of Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea

This Tea Care Package is a limited time offer of 3 premium teas from our reserve collection. We will hand bag this aromatic and enchanting collection of teas to order with care. You’re getting 20% off the retail price, so don’t wait!
What better way to start someone’s day than with a cup of tea that was hand-picked just for them? It doesn’t get much more convenient or personal than this.

This Tea Care Package contains 10 bags each of –

We all know that there is a season or reason for giving a gift to someone important all year round.

If you’re anything like us, then your thoughts are already turning to time with family or friends. One of our favorite ways to enjoy our time all year long is by curling up in front of a fireplace with some hot tea or cold brewing a couple bags in the summer!

The gourmet teas we’ve included in our Organic Tea Care Package will help make these chilly winter days cozy and festive while simultaneously providing a healthy boost for your immune system. Order today before it’s too late-we guarantee they’ll be perfect for any occasion.

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